GAMUT is driven by six fashion designers, all graduates of La Cambre Mode/s/ in Brussels, and a visual director trained at ECAL, in Lausanne. Based in Paris, accompanied by musicians, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, choreographers, stylists and more, designed like a laboratory, GAMUT functions without a leader and takes form through a contributory, open and collective exploration.

GAMUT sprang from the desire to establish a horizontal model, a concrete alternative to the initial professional experiences of its members. GAMUT enhances its divergent perspectives and delights in its varied points of view. GAMUT is an eighth individual that exists independently from each member. Creation takes place with a completely collective and egalitarian approach. The universe of each member is respected, but considered as a part of a whole to create an underground coherence that surpasses individualities and auto - centric opinions. Each proposal is discussed and approved together in a positive and respectful manner.

Voluntarily constructed outside of the current hierarchical system, GAMUT is a solution of emancipation, a project of freedom. GAMUT is a group of friends who believe that a new relationship to power can lead to a necessary structural and aesthetic renewal. GAMUT is a space where everything remains to be done. The flexibility of its structure ensures its room for manoeuvre and its responsiveness. GAMUT is the receptacle of a vital and urgent flow of expression, sharing, solidarity, pleasure and ecological respect that is passing through the contemporary world. GAMUT believes in the impact of creation on social reality and champions a spirit of humanist resistance.

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